Data Protection with Snapshot

Data Snapshot complements your usual backup processes. It is a point-in-time copy of active data which takes a very short time to complete (under 30 seconds in normal conditions). Snapshots are made available to your users, so they can recover their own deleted or changed files without calling support.

Data Snapshot offers the following features:

  • Adjustable time between snapshots - we usually recommend that a snapshot is taken every 10 minutes.
  • The number of snapshots taken are limited only by storage space - we usually recommend a 5 day retention period.
  • Snapshots falling outside the retention period are automatically deleted.
  • Snapshot data is accessible read-only from your server.
  • Standard formatting of snapshot names makes it easy to locate your documents.
  • Exclusion lists are available to prevent certain data from being part of the snapshot process.
  • Data security is maintained, eg. a snapshot of management data can easily be kept separate and secured from the general business data.

Currently available only on Linux file servers.

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