Data Protection - Backup and Restore

Often overlooked, Backup and Restore systems are essential to the ongoing wellbeing of any information system.

We offer a number of different solutions, from a simple automated backup to a USB device, to large enterprise tape-based systems.

Key to any backup regime is the ability to restore the data in a timely manner. We can periodically test backup media so our clients are always sure they can rely on their recovery processes.

In addition to classical backup facilities, we also offer the Snapshot facility where small incremental backups are taken of the data store every few minutes, resulting in the most comprehensive and up-to-date restore environment possible.

For our web design and development customers, we offer a Web-Site Backup facility, where out clients' web site is periodically backed up, together with any database information.

Our web design and development customers also benefit from a Web-Site Refresh technology which eliminates problems with unscrupulous individuals hacking your web site. Periodically, your web site is refreshed by a local copy that we hold. Any files which are on your web server which are not part of our local copy are eliminiated.

To discuss your Data Backup and Restore requirements, please Contact Us.

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