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We combine industry knowledge and experience to provide dedicated and flexible IT services for businesses throughout the country.

Offering comprehensive IT support and bespoke business applications, we aim for our clients to benefit from smoother operations and effective working.

Whether this is the installation and connectivity of a new system, ongoing IT support, development of bespoke software or IT training, we provide the solution that is right for your business.

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Ice Ledger

Ice Ledger is a comprehensive business accounting software for small to medium sized business that you can download for free and start using immediately. The system is FREE to use for a whole year.

Bespoke Software

Supercharge your business processes with software built around your operational practices. Bespoke Software is tailored to mirror the way you do business. Where off-the-shelf software will not meet your requirements, we can help.

Service & Support

We offer a wide variety of support and service options, from ad-hoc engineering, to full maintenance cover. Our e-Time service offers unparalleled value for money.

Systems & Software

We supply and install standard systems and software from all the major manufacturers.

Data Protection & Security

Backup and restore, disaster recovery, business continuity, firewalling, anti-virus, anti-malware, spam protection.

Networking & Telecoms

Wired and wireless, structured cabling, network security, mobile working, networked fax, PBX solutions.

Internet & Web Design

From taking your brochure on-line to fully integrates e-Commerce, we have the solution for you. Our expertise in Bespoke Software gives us a unique perspective on Web Design. We can take your internal databases, and integrate them to your web site, for marketing purposes, business partnerships, and reporting for remote workers. Where other Web Designers say \"not feasible\", we will do it.

Gatekeeper e-Mail Spam Filtering and Anti Virus

Our Gatekeeper service eliminates most spam and viruses from all your mailboxes. In operation since 2006, the Gatekeeper service has dealt with over 10 million messages, discarding over 95% as spam.

News Sweeper Dynamic Web Content

Our News Sweeper service scans the internet for relevant news articles, then forwards them to your staff, and to your website.

Contact Manager

Bring together all your contact databases across your business with Contact Manager. On-line, off-line, local or remote workers, Contact Manager has the information they need to enable good business.

Remote File Manager

Access to your business file systems when you are out of the office can be a big problem. Our Remote File Manager allows you and your staff to access files from any internet connected location.

Remote e-Mail Services

Using your business e-mail system when you are away from the office can be a major headache. Remote workers frequently have to resort to third-party web-mail systems to send and receive e-mail. We have a number of solutions which enable remote workers without the pain.

Local Data Search

An individual searching for some data in a few files isn't a problem. A worker searching thousands of business documents for a specific piece of data can take a very long time. Our Local Data Search offering reduces this time from tens of minutes to fractions of a second.
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