Full Maintenance Cover

Our full maintenance contract includes:

  • No call-out charges
    Any call-out charges are included in the price of the contract.
  • On-Site Services
    Where possible, we will work at your site to bring your systems back on-line. Occasionally it may be necessary to bring systems back to our workshop facility.
  • Hardware Failure
    Occasionally, computer hardware breaks down. Power supplies overheat, hard drives crash, fan bearings cease. We will replace any failed hardware under the terms of the full maintenance contract.
  • Software Failure
    Software or data corruption can occur for many reasons, electical power problems, networking issues or virus activity being just three. Full Maintenance covers you for
  • Negotiable Response Time
    We usually operate on a 4 or 8 hour response time depending on our clients' requirement. Alternative response times can be accomodated.

What is not covered:

  • Theft
    This should already be covered by your existing insurance policy. We are of course happy to provide a quotation for any replacement computer hardware, and assist with any data recovery.
  • Damage
    Intentional or accidental. Once again, this should already be covered by your insurance policy, so the Full Maintenance contract will not cover this.
  • Unavailable Software
    If software licenses, keys and other licensing devices cannot be produced, we cannot re-install them.
  • Bad Backup Media
    If a valid system backup cannot be located, your data may not be able to be recovered. In this case, Full Maintenance will only operate on a best-endeavours basis.

Please check our Data Protection & Security section for information on how to ensure you have good backups and the procedures are in place to recover.

Before we can offer a quotation on computer maintenance services, it is necessary to conduct a short audit of your systems to determine availability of parts and software.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements or to request a quotation.

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