Spam Filtering with Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper is our custom spam filtering engine which uses a number of methods to block unsolicited e-mail:

• GreylistingA dynamic database of senders and recipients is maintained, eliminating 60-70%.
• Active ScanningMessages are examined for known spam content. 20-25% are removed this way.
• Basic Validatione-mails are checked for validity, removing a further 1-2%.
• Anti-VirusFinally, each e-mail is checked for viruses and virus-like content accounting for around 1%.

Gatekeeper can be implemented in one of three ways, to suit any business requirement:

• Remote Service
   Indirect Delivery
Your e-mail is filtered on our shared Gatekeeper server farm, then delivered on to your ISP.
• Remote Service
   Direct Delivery
Youe e-mail is filtered in our shared Gatekeeper server farm, then forwarded directly to your mail server.
• Local ServiceWe install a Gatekeeper server at your premises. This is generally only suitable for clients with large volumes of e-Mail, ot those who would like speficic features customised to their needs.

Gatekeeper provides:

• Time EfficiencyUnsolicited e-mail is removed automatically saving your staff valuable time.
• Cost SavingsProtecting your computer reduces the chance of repair services being required.

Our Gatekeeper service delivers business-class spam and virus protection for all e-mail users.

Please feel free to view the current statistics of our Gatekeeper service.

Gatekeeper customers can also benefit from Off-Site e-Mail Archival Service.

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