Firewalls and Intruder Detection

Security of your network from the internet is of paramount importance to businesses today.


A Firewall is a device which monitors internet traffic passing through and allows or blocks traffic based on a set of rules.

It is important to understand that unauthorised communication attempts can occur from inside your local network as well as from the internet. If your business holds data of a sensitive nature, it is important to secure data from both external and internal threats.

Some examples of internal threats are:

  • Virus infection
  • Malware infection
  • Problematic staff

Firewalling the data servers from each other, and desktop systems can eliminate almost all of the threats, both internal and external. Once this is done, ensuring the right operational practices are in place will eliminate almost all other threats.

Intruder Detection

Usually an additional configuration to a firewall already in place, Intruder Detection software watches incoming communication for things that are suspicious, dynamically blocking systems which are misbehaving.

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