Wireless Networking

Wireless networks have become very popular for laptop, PDA and smartphone users.

1T Solutions supplies, installs and supports wireless networking equipment from all the major vendors.

  • 802.11b (11 Mb/s, 38m range)
  • 802.11g (54 Mb/s, 38m range)
  • 802.11n (300 Mb/s, 70m range)

Deployment of wireless networks can be problematic due to the bad habit some vendors have of shipping product before the final standards are ratified.

We only supply products based on ratified standards to eliminate any incompatibilities between vendors.


Security is a large consideration when deploying wireless networks. Most of the standard encryption protocols used are relatively easy to break, and even the more modern ones are becoming easier to break.

In addition to the standard security, we recommend an additional VPN and firewall is used to add a much stronger layer of encryption to the wireless network traffic.

Please Contact Us to discuss your wireless networking requirements.

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