Web Applications and Databases

Our extensive Bespoke Software experience puts us in a unique position to develop:

  • Internet-based applications for use by your customers
  • Intranet-based applications for use by your staff

Internet Applications are designed to be used by your customers instead of constantly telephoning your staff with repetitive queries. We have developed a number of small tools focused on the IT industry which our customers use for similar purposes.

Other possibilities include:

  • Stock enquiries
  • Calculators for products which require certain specifications for pricing
  • Product look-up tables with indexed search facilities
  • Booking systems

Intranet Applications are developed for your staff to use regardless of their location.

Our Remote File Manager is an example of a piece of software we have developed which helps all businesses deliver file services to remote users as if they were in the office.

The possibilities as to what can be delivered using these technologies is very broad. Business processes that have previously appeared unfeasible can be made possible using the internet as a delivery mechanism.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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