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OSL Group Ltd

All IT within the OSL group is handled in-house, and we try to outsource as little as possible to minimise costs. The services offered by 1T Solutions seemed ideal for the group as not only could they provide ad-hoc support and emergency cover when our very small IT team needed to be in more than one place at a time, 1T Solutions also covered all aspects of IT from basic hardware maintenance to full scale network deployments.

1T Solutions provides all the backup cover necessary while I am away and any work carried out is followed by a full report on problems and solutions applied. This gives OSL a valuable insight into any problems we cannot resolve ourselves, and the 1T Solutions team have always been happy to help us learn from the process. Our relationship with 1T Solutions has grown as our group has grown (we now have 9 companies spread across 15 sites in the UK). No other company has provided us with the flexibility, expertise, and support that 1T Solutions can offer.

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Yorkshire Stainless Ltd

Yorkshire Stainless are a stockist of stainless steel pipes, fittings & flanges with the facility to manufacture standard and non-standard flanges in house. We are now into our 15th year of business and are seeing continued growth year on year. Our philosophy has always been to keep things simple within the running of the business and the systems we use. We have been working with a manual system right up to 2005 when we decided it was time to get into the 21st century. This is when we met Dr Bob Kapur who has been invaluable to us ever since.

1T Solutions have installed a completely networked computerised system that carries a combination of Sage Line 50 and our own bespoke systems designed by them.

We have set them various challenges over the last 2 1/2 years, of which they have has risen to admirably. They designed a stock system which has changed the way we are able to react to enquiries and played a major part in our recent growth. We used to have to print out a stock list for each individual sales person to use manually. This list was 150 pages long and detailed over 4000 line items - in essence it was out of date as soon as it had been printed. We now have a computerised list that is updated as we go along and is far more user friendly. The savings on time and paper and also the noise generated by an old dot matrix printer are obvious along with the time now taken to quote being a lot quicker and more accurate.

Another big area for us is the purchasing - we carry one of the largest ranges of stock in our sector and aim to keep good levels available at all times. This means we are continuously looking to re order and get the best deal we can from our suppliers. To monitor stock and generate enquiries, the old way, was very long and drawn-out. It involved first manually checking through the stock list and making a list of items that needed replenishing. This then had to be turned into a complete enquiry on email and sent out to the relevant suppliers. When all replies were received we then had to create a spreadsheet to collate all the quotes and compare prices. A separate order would then be raised manually and sent to the supplier. This all took a tremendous amount of time of which we never have enough. 1T Solutions came up with a system that is linked directly to our stock system allowing us to create a list of requirements quickly. This is then linked straight to an email and sent out to our suppliers. When we receive the quotes back we are able to compare quickly the new prices against old and also each supplier. This in itself has saved us a tremendous amount of time.

Another big thing for our MD was being able to access the live system from home, something he never thought possible. 1T Solutions have set up system where he can work from home to update prices check stock levels etc, basically most things he can do in the office. 1T Solutions have created an upload download system so work done at home can be easily transferred onto the networked system and keeps everyone up to date.

Another area affected have been despatch, which is now more efficient due to the quicker through put of paperwork for jobs to be despatched that night. Every item we send out has specific paperwork attached such as test certs or letters of conformity. These are now kept on the computer system as apposed to manually filed in lever arch files. The retrieval of this information is now much improved and far less time is spent looking for test certs during the day.

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Steel City Bearings Ltd

We are a bearings brokerage firm and carry over 250,000 stock items from over 28,000 individual lines. Each bearing has many different variants, categorised into 35 different brands. Dealing with customer enquiries and managing stock was becoming more difficult as the business grew.

1T Solutions wrote the software we use to locate stock items when a customer telephones with an enquiry. The software manages inventory, prints picking and delivery notes, and finally produces the invoice. The system integrates with our accounting package, so development costs were reduced by not having to write a standard accounting system as part of the stock system. Rather than fitting our business to the way the software package works, 1T Solutions built a system, which works with our business.

With time, our business grew and our needs grew with it. At every point, 1T Solutions managed to come up with the goods and provide us with the right solution. We have not lost any of our original IT investment. 1T Solutions always manage to build on the existing system and delivered every new feature that we needed.

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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions UK Ltd

We are a composite bearings manufacturer with an international customer base.

It is important for us that our overseas agents use the correct technical specifications and tolerances in drawing up prospective customer requirements. 1T Solutions wrote the software that enabled this very technical task to be reduced to a more administrative level suitable for any sales force.

All our enquiries are quoted and take a considerable time to prepare. 1T Solutions managed to encapsulate all our criteria, overheads to enable quotes to be done in minutes, saving a lot of very valuable time and freeing highly technical knowledgeable staff to perform other tasks. This also had the benefit of all jobs being quoted more inline with company policy and removed the variance between staff.

One of our major customers stipulated that all goods despatched MUST be accompanied with a bar-coded label of a format specified by them. Unfortunately, our accounting system did not lend itself to this task in any shape or form. Again, 1T Solutions came through for us and wrote a bespoke system that integrated with our accounting software and produced the necessary despatch labels - averting any possible customer conflict.

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