Converting data between applications

Businesses today generally operate around a number separate pieces of software. These discrete systems tend to have no interoperability with each other, resulting in a manual data-entry process to ensure everything is correct.

Application changes can also be a frustrating process, usually resulting in a large data entry process for workers.

Any manual data-entry process is error-prone, resulting in discrepancies occuring across the systems. Over time, the discontinuity between the discrete data sets can become very large, creating a problem for management attempting to make rational business decisions based on the data.

Although there are no off-the-shelf solutions to this problem, a bespoke solution can be created using our Data Conversion service. This reduces the manual data-entry process massively. Data is automatically synchronised across the disparate systems, ensuring data integrity and eliminating the discrepancies which occur when staff are forced to enter the same data into each system.

Additional data processing tasks can be automated while the data is being converted, and reports generated of any problems or discrepancies encountered.

Data Conversion can be operated as a one-off, converting data to a newly commissioned application. It can also be used in an ongoing process, linking two or more operational systems in real-time.

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